Sweating Support Initiative

Every Monday through Friday at the OLA42 teleporter (290,587) at 21:00, and Saturday & Sunday @ 15:00 game time a BIG Representative will be purchasing sweat from the community at well above market value, Current BIG Purchase Price: 2.5 PEDs per 1K bottles.


  • We will purchase up to 10k sweat per day
  • There is a limit of 1k bottles allowed to be sold per avatar and per day.
  • Priority will be given to avatars actively sweating on the LA just prior to the purchasing periods. We advise sweating parties congregate to the open space NE from the teleporter around (291,588) (this is to help ensure that active sweaters and not alternate accounts are reaping the benefits of this program)
  • Medics will be available every day up to their allotted decay limits courtesy of BIG Industries.
  • Avatars with the agility of 40 or less will be given priority for the allotted sweat buying amounts.
  • Occasional trivia events and giveaways will be announced in this the local chat and happen at our normal purchasing times, keep an eye on the local channel for updates.


Anyone else in the community that may be interested in purchasing sweat is encouraged to join us at these times to purchase additional sweat if they wish to do so.

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