Rewards program

The BIG Rewards program spans all BIG and Partner Land Areas, allowing you to earn bonus Points for all Hunting and Mining globals.

Your BIG Reward points are redeemable for PEDs, in world items, and real world prizes. Best of All, it’s retro-active. All past globals on BIG LAs will be redeemable for you, as will all of your globals from Partner Lands as of when they joined the PLA program.

To Register for the BIG Rewards program, either post your full avatar name in this thread, or visit our plugin on Entropia Life. Simply activate the plugin and you will be able to track your points and redeem them for your rewards.

To Redeem your BIG Reward points, visit our Entropia Life Plugin, click the “Claim Points” button to convert your globals into points. You may now redeem your points for rewards in the “Program & Rewards” section. Once claimed you will be contacted by a BIG Industries representative to arrange your reward.

Additional BIG Reward points will be awarded as prizes, or extra incentives from affiliated businesses.


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